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Specialty A/C Products
(800) 404-0247 ​

When ordering equipment or parts, specify in message:

  • Quantity
  • Item Description
  • Will Call (Benicia or San Jose):
  • Ship To(If Different Than Company Address):
  • PO#:

When applying for job:

  • Choose "Apply For Job"
  • Enter Specialty A/C Products  where "Company Name"
  • Enter 5250 E 2nd St Benicia CA 94510 where "Company Address"
  • Where "Your Title" select "Applicant"
  • Enter job title you are applying for where "Message"
  • Upload application documents where "Upload File"

Contact Us

DISCLAIMER: If you do not have an account you will be contacted for payment information by email or phone. For each order you place, an associate will confirm receipt of your order by phone or email. Do not assume your order was placed, if you did not receive communication by phone or email confirming the receipt of your order. You are responsible for the associates reciept of your order. Please call if you need to confirm, clarify, adjust or cancel an order. We will be more than happy to help!

Call 800-404-0247

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